Summer Fun is on the way!

Summer is finally here and I’m loving it! After 13 years of Houston summers, the drier climate here in Utah is a refreshing change – although I wish the weather would make up its mind! We’re still getting days with temperatures in the 40s and a few days later, it’s back up in the 70s and 80s.

This issue is jam packed with patterns and great articles, from learning how to dye from a beginner’s viewpoint, to keeping hydrated for crafting health, and so many patterns!  We have purses, a stole, a water bottle holder, a hook case, and busy amigurumi bees. We even have a special treat for the knitters among us – a small purse available in both a crocheted and a knitted version. Now how cool is that?!!

The learning to dye article is the first of several in a series that will take you through my experience of learning how to dye my own yarn. The articles won’t teach you how to dye yarn, but they will take you through my learnings, from successes to failures and more. I hope you find them informative and useful.

I am also going to show you how to make your own row counter bracelets much like the ones I sell in my etsy shop. This is great for folks who like to make their own notions or for those who can’t afford to purchase them since I use semi-precious gemstones. They’re gorgeous enough to wear out on the town or even made up as a necklace. Go out and find some sturdy beads or gemstones and and get ready to make your own. A future tutorial will show you how to make your own stitch markers so keep an eye out for it!

For our article and pattern contributors, start thinking about your submissions for our two special issues coming in 2010. The Spring 2010 issue will concentrate on patterns for kids, from newborn to early teens while the Summer 2010 issue will be a wedding issue. So far we have a wedding veil and stole in the works, both of which I’m looking forward to seeing. If you need ideas for patterns, check out the Crochet Uncut forum at where I’ve started threads for each special issue. We’re also looking for patterns for the Fall 2009 and Winter 2009 issues – don’t wait to start designing – get them done early so you have enough time to get the patterns tested before submitting them. Check out the FAQs for information on requesting author status and the pattern template. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

If you missed it, on April 20th, I was the guest on the Getting Loopy podcast. You can listen to the podcast in the GL archives or subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes. The podcast is live each Monday evening at 9pm Eastern and you can chat with other listeners and ask questions that Mary Beth can ask the guest. In addition, prizes from the previous week’s guest are given away with new prizes for the next week announced along with how to enter the contest. Be sure to check out the podcast and support Mary Beth and her crochet obsession.

Darlisa Riggs, Editor/Publisher

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