WEBS – Northampton, MA

Store Name: Webs
Address: 75 Service Center Road, Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: 1-800-FOR-WEBS (1-800-367-9327)
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-5:30pm, Thursday evenings until 8:00pm.
Website: www.yarn.com
Reviewer: Marie Harriman

I first have to confess that WEBS isn’t truly a local yarn store, though given how often I visit, you would think it was. In reality, Webs is a little over an hour from my home. Obviously, I consider it well worth the drive!
My husband and I call Webs ‘Yarn Nirvana’. Every time I walk through their door, I know I am about to become uncontrollably lost in a sea of yarn, fiber, knitting, weaving, felting and crocheting accessories, to name just a few. The store itself is full to the gills with fiber and yarns. The yarns are as diverse as one can imagine, from lace weight to super bulky, in all sorts of fibers: silk, milk, bamboo, possum, qiuvit and your basics. Webs has their own line as well, nicely addressing the gamut of fiber weights from fingering to super bulky. Looking to spin? They have an area dedicated to just fibers. Interested in weaving? They have that too: looms, warp and weft threads and yarns, shuttles, etc. If you need a pattern, you could spend an entire day looking through their patterns, from known designers to their own, or through pattern books, magazines, and yarn company design brochures. Should you need notions, look no further.  You’ll most likely find what you need here. Despite all of this loveliness, my favorite part of the store is the warehouse, located at the rear of the store. Here is where I find the goodies – discontinued yarn, manufacturer’s closes outs, overstocks, off-color dyelots, all discounted, of course. I’ve gotten some great deals on name brand yarns like Noro, Debbie Bliss, and Elisabeth Lavold to name a few!

If you can’t make it to Northampton, MA, you can shop the website. They even carry many of the sale and closeout yarn prices on the web.

For clarity, I have absolutely NO connection with WEBS, I’m simply a very happy customer!