Brides and Kids …

Well, I’m still trying to get back on track with the issues, and hopefully that will actually happen soon. This issue is dedicated to kids and brides, and we have several very sweet patterns for both.


For the little ones, we have a fuzzy friend to cuddle up to, a bright summer dress that can be worn over shorts or leggings, a rainbow colored treasure bag for marbles and little dolls, and a bright granny square blankie. We also have a tote made out of old t-shirts that can be used for carrying around favorite toys when going to Grandma’s or used for shopping trips.


For our brides, we have a garter belt that can be passed down through the generations and a wispy wrap for cool morning or evening weddings. There’s also an article on one bride’s journey to crochet her own wedding dress!


In addition to the patterns, we have reviews of several books, videos, and a color changing yarn (the same yarn used for the little girl’s dress pattern).


As many of you know, the Crochet Liberation Front had their annual awards ceremony, and I came up with what I think was an awesome award image, made in a 3D software program just like I did last year. Take a look at all the winners on the CLF 2010 Flamies Awards page.


We hope you enjoy this issue!


Darlisa Riggs


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