Seamless Crochet

Published by:

Interweave Books, 2011




$24.95 US


Kristin Omdahl

Kristin Omdahl is known for her innovative techniques (at least by me she is) and this book is no exception. Kristin has found ways to make items using motifs with the fewest number of yarn ends left to weave in.

I’ve used motifs quite a lot lately and the worst part for me is weaving in all the ends. I’m often able to work the ends into the pieces as I go but sometimes there’s still too many left!

Most of the patterns in this book leave a few ends, usually only two, to weave in.

Kristin shows you how to make each motif with the fewest tails left over then provides patterns that actually use the motifs.

Patterns cover a good amount of designs, including shawls, home decor, hats, blankets, and more.

Also included is an instructional DVD where you can watch as Kristin explains her technique and provides a library of seamless motifs, and advice on adapting any motif-based pattern into seamless crochet.