Product Reviews

Crochet Uncut plans on having reviews of yarns, books, magazines, patterns, and notions geared toward crochet. If you would like your product reviewed, send the item to:

Crochet Uncut
PO Box 516
Madison, AL 35758-0516


Then send an e-mail to letting me know the items are on their way.

Press releases are not useable for reviews as we must be able to read, use, and feel the product/yarn item.

If you are sending the item from outside the United States, ensure that the declaration form indicates that the item is a gift, sample, not for resale, and worth over $0.00 (suggest using the sum of $5). Items will be retained by Crochet Uncut and cannot be returned.

If you would like to submit a review of an item, please see the Submissions FAQ for instructions on submitting an article. In addition, look at previous reviews for guidelines on what is needed for the review.