Official Unofficial Words from Fearless Leader…

Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front

I have to say I am humbled and honored that Darlisa started “Crochet Un-cut” and has on her logo that this is the “Official Unofficial Magazine” of the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF).

This is truly the spirit of the CLF. Sure the CLF started as a joke, but in no time we all caught onto the potential of what we can do, networking together, bonded by our love of hooks and yarn. We’ve had people open stores, begin their career as designers, start writing for serious publications, go to conventions, start crochet groups, and yes we even made our First Ever Book!

This didn’t happen because I’m some voodoo guru with a magic wand that makes things happen for people. These wonderful events have happened because of the attitude that we have as a group. Sure we have dreamed these dreams for a while, percolating our desires and wants in our minds alone, but unsure of how, or what to do about these crochet fantasies. Yet, in our amazing 2400 strong membership we have a vast array of not only talent, but support and encouragement.

Someone has an idea, no one laughs at them, in fact quite the opposite within an hour of the posting of said idea, four or five messages will appear full of encouragement. That makes me so proud! I think this is the most pleasant group of people I’ve ever been a part of, and I so love to read through our message board on on a daily basis.

In these times of un-surety, I think our real leaders should take a look at how we at the CLF do things. Encouragement, collaboration, understanding and patience, and open dialogue. These things work, and we’re proving it!!

In that light, I once again offer Darlisa a huge round of applause on gaining the courage to take a risk, and do something a little differently, to create her dreams!!  I also urge you, dear readers, minions of the CLF, oh devious creators of all things hookalicious, please support this adventure with your time, talents, and financially. Even a few pennies here and there…if we all band together, we all do well…

Congratulations Darlisa, may the Loops be with you….