Copyright & Usage

  • The patterns on Crochet Uncut are provided for free, however, that doesn’t mean you can do what you want with them. The pattern text and accompanying photos, diagrams, etc., are copyright by the designer (or their business entity) of the pattern. You can make a copy of the patterns for your personal use, but you cannot make copies and redistribute them or sell them – unless the pattern specifically says that you can or you get permission from the designer/author.
  • You may not give away “free” copies of the patterns, for example, free pattern with purchase of yarn, without express permission from the designer.
  • When an article or pattern is submitted, the author or designer has consented to the submission guidelines that state that the work being submitted is their own. The author/designer is responsible for, and bears any resulting responsibility, for any copyright infringement. If you believe a copyright infringement has occurred, please contact support with as much information as possible.
  • Articles and patterns may not be reprinted in other formats or at other sites without permission from the author/designer.
  • Opinions in articles and patterns are the responsibility of the author/designer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Crochet Uncut staff or any advertisers.

Selling Finished Products

Since CatBird Studios/Crochet Uncut is located in the United States, we follow U.S. copyright law.

Please see this page at Tabbers Temptations for more information, including cited court cases.

Can I sell the finished products made from these patterns?

Yes, without any restrictions. A designer cannot tell you what you can or cannot do with a finished product. Their rights end with the sale or free distribution of the pattern. We do ask that you not mass produce the items, like in a factory, but again, that would just be as a favor to the designers.

Do I have to give the designer credit on my product page?

No. You can if you’d like to be nice, but we can’t force you to do so.

If it’s a paid pattern, do I have to buy a copy for every item I make to sell?

No, you can make as many finished items as you want from a single paid pattern.