The Beaded Edge

Published by:

Interweave Books, 2010




$17.95 US


Midori Nishida & CRK Design

The Beaded Edge

The Beaded Edge: Inspired Designs for Crocheted Edgings and Trim by Midori Nishida & CRK Design contains 18 beaded trims and edgings that can be added to clothing, home furnishings, accessories, ornaments, and whatever else you can think of.

The designs range from delicate to bold and some contain “sculptural” elements like flowers and grapes.

These decorative edges are inspired by Turkish beaded edgings (called oya). The book includes information on these types of edgings, along with the journey of how Nishida learned how to make them.

The first part of the book provides images of the finished trim on an appropriate item and includes intermediate images as needed to demonstrate how the trim comes together. The second half of the book provides the actual instructions for each design with step by step photos, symbol diagrams, and written instructions as needed.

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