Feza Yarns

Website: Feza Yarns

This review is different than the ones I usually do for yarns in that, instead of reviewing just one yarn, I’m reviewing multiple yarns from one manufacturer. Feza Yarns offers a variety of yarns.  Most are what I consider novelty yarns, but that covers a wide variety of types.  Feza is best known for their Alp line of yarns, which ties different yarns together to create texture and color.

The yarns range from those with metallics to hand tied to thick and thin. They are easy to crochet or knit with for the most part, although I had difficulty using the Platino yarn simply because of the extreme variations in the size of the yarn, which went from very thin to extremely bulky.  I couldn’t find a crochet hook that worked with all the variations; at least not with the hooks I have here at home.

The Alp yarns were my favorite simply because I enjoyed seeing what yarn would come next, and how it would look in the design. The different yarns were also close enough in weight that they worked well with only one hook size. The Chanel yarn is a thin yarn with sections of fringe to give some cool effects and texture. The Nirvana yarn is 100% bamboo so it is soft and a pleasure to work with.

If you haven’t tried any of Feza’s yarns, give them a try. Just because they’re novelty yarns doesn’t mean the yarn can’t be used for every day items. Check out some of the available patterns on their site to see just how they can be used (some of the patterns are free too).

Take a look at just a sampling of Feza’s yarns below: