Summer Sweet

This issue has been in work for longer than I care to think. Not long after I released the Spring 2012 issue, I was laid off and moved back to Texas. It took me nine months to find a part time job and during that time, I worked several contract jobs including one that required a 1.5 hour commute from Austin to San Antonio. This didn’t leave me much time for crocheting or designing but with a permanent job that took some pressure off, I was finally able to get some patterns designed and crocheted. I also was able to finish the yarn reviews that I’d tried to get into the previous issue. If you’ve never tried the Qiviut yarns from Windy Valley Muskox, then you owe it to yourself to get hold of some as soon as possible.

Check out my review of some of the Windy Valley Muskox yarns and the Windy Valley Scarf pattern I designed for it. In addition to the scarf pattern, you’ll find a pattern for a Crocodile Stitch Kerchief and a Crocodile Stitch Edging, along with a review of some of The Crochet Dude’s crochet supplies.

Also, for those who haven’t been following the upgrade saga, you’ll notice that the site has a new look. In order to increase the security of the site, I needed to upgrade the CMS to joomla 2.5, but then the magazine plug-in wouldn’t work. Fortunately, the company that makes the magazine plug-in had just released a new plug-in along with a special purchase price. This allowed me to upgrade the CMS and the magazine plug-in. This involved a major learning period as I figured out the new plug-in, then rebuilt each issue from scratch. Once it was completely done, I was able to finally finish the patterns and photos for this issue.

Enjoy this issue and have a sweet Summer!

Darlisa Riggs
Editor, Crochet Uncut