Andey Originals Sock Yarn

 Yarn Name:  Andey’s Originals Sock Yarn
 Website:  Andey Originals
 Weight:  Fingering / 4 ply
 Fiber Content:  75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
 Yardage:  440 yds / 100 grams
 Gauge (crochet):  US F5 (3.75 mm) 6 sc per inch, 7 sc rows per inch

Andey Originals Sock Yarn Swatch

If you are tired of sock yarn that is itchy or rough on your hands while you’re working with it, then Andey Originals Sock Yarn is the yarn for you. While Andey has not been dying yarn for long, her choice of colors and dedication to quality is hard to equal. Her sock yarn is soft and squishy, making you want to forget about rolling around in $100 bills and roll around in this wonderful yarn instead.

Most of the projects made with this yarn at Ravelry are knitted items, but of course, I just had to crochet myself some socks that I could wear like slippers (it gets cold here in Utah. I used the Squid-o-licous coulorway and chose the Ultimate Crocheted Socks by Dorothy Hardy. They worked up quickly and Andey’s hand dyed yarn created wavy stripes on the size I was making. Because the yarn is a bit stretchy, I made the socks slightly smaller than the called for size.

Each sock came out differently but they look lovely, they’re comfortable, and fit inside my tennis shoes when I’m taking the dog out for her walks. Since I wear these socks all the time while at home, they do stretch a bit but once washed, they tighten up quite nicely.

Squid-O-Licious Socks

As part of this review, I designed a pattern specifically for this yarn – Andey’s Neck Warmer – a cosy, warm wrap that can be made as a neck warmer or extended to scarf length.

I asked a few ladies who had purchased some of Andey’s yarn to give me a quick review. You can read them below but after that, I highly recommend visiting Andey’s store and ordering up some of this lovely yarn. If the colorway you want isn’t currently available, contact Andey via her website to find out when it will be available.

“The colors are vibrant and clear, the yarn is soft like angel feathers and it washes up like a dream.”


softness (2billion)
It feels like high quality cashmere even though she labels it as merino. Softer than Lorna’s Laces, another soft fingering weight that I like.

crochet-ability (3billion)
Wonderful! Unlike some yarns it does not untwist or twist more tightly as I crochet with it. Also, it retains a good level of softness even with single crochet.

froggyness (1billion)
I have been able to work with the same length of yarn, frogging at least 3-4 times without having it start to look like frogged yarn.

color (2.5billion)
The colorway is wonderful! All of the orange and yellow shades are incredibly vibrant and they blend well.

Tiffany Haworth

I’d read some positive reviews of Andey’s Originals yarn & was very tempted to try it for myself; but, I was on a self-imposed yarn diet. As soon as I saw the Snapdragon colorway, my yarn diet went right out the window. I couldn’t resist the vibrant yellow-green, green, orange, and complimentary baby blue colors… the skein looked so cheerful that I had to have it. I tend to make short, toe-up ankle socks, so 440 yards would be perfect for a single pair. Once the skein arrived, I kept petting it – I couldn’t believe how soft it was. Once my gift queue clears out a little, I’ll treat myself to a pair of socks made from this scrumptious yarn.


And a few photos of the yarn itself:

Snapdragon colorway Snapdragon colorway

Squid-O-Licious Colorway