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Readers are invited to submit questions to our Q & A Column! Please submit questions of a general crochet nature, rather than requesting technical assistance for a specific project pattern. Questions about techniques, tools, stitches, methods, etc. are welcome. Each month, a few of the questions will be chosen for publication with answers. The choice will be made on the basis of general interest to the whole readership. Deb will also find answers for as many of the “extra” questions as she can, and answer them privately if an email address or Ravelry contact is provided. As often as practical, a question will be chosen for Readers’ Answers— and the following issue will contain a selection of the answers we’ve received from our community of readers. The editors will reserve the right to select questions and answers for publication, and to edit the submissions chosen. We hope you will participate often and freely, as a community of crocheters, growing together in our art and craft.

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