Welcome to our first Special Issue

This issue is our first special issue dedicated to quick and easy gifts for the upcoming holidays. There always seems to be that one person we forgot to make or buy something for (or the kid forgot to tell you that they had to bring a gift to exchange in class). You won’t find any articles in this issue, just a few patterns to tide you over until the next full issue.

While we only have a few (very few patterns in this issue, they can all be completed in a short period of time and for very little output in cash. For example, the gloves I purchased for the Edging on the Icing pattern cost me less than hour of my time, $1.40 plus tax for two pairs of gloves (that’s $.70 for one pair), and a bit of leftover yarn I had lying around. And, now I have an adorable pair of gloves to give away! I’m pretty pleased with myself to boot.

If you don’t want to make any of the included patterns, you’ll find an short article giving you some ideas to get you started with quick and easy gifts to crochet. So, don’t panic, grab some yarn and a hook and in no time you’ll have gifts you can be proud to give to anyone!

Our next full issue is scheduled for publishing on March 1, 2009 with some additional special issues planned over the coming year. Now, I just have to decide whether to do the wedding one first or the baby one … 

Darlisa Riggs

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