Some Ideas to Get You Started

Sometimes, just adding some trim or something special to a ready-made item is all that is needed to make an otherwise ordinary gift into something very special. I’ve put together a short list of some ideas that just might get you started and perhaps give you the opportunity to come up with your own ideas.

  1. Add edging to a purchased knitted item, such as gloves, ski bands, hats, scarfs, and socks.
  2. Add a crocheted flower or two to a hair band or barrette, several smaller flowers can also be lined up along the band or barrette, with crocheted leaves or ribbons, and perhaps some beads.
  3. Add crocheted trim, flowers, etc., to a purchased purse or slippers.
  4. Find a pattern for a phone or ipod cozy – these are small and don’t take much time to complete.
  5. User thick yarn and a big hook to make a shawl, lapghan, hat, or scarf. This will take a bit longer than just adding trim to something but will take less time than using thinner yarn and a smaller hook.
  6. Browse through the free patterns at places like Lion Brand Yarn and Bernat. They often have small projects that can be completed quickly.
  7. Purchase a medium or large lobster clasp, some beads, and a charm. Thread crochet thread through the beads, then crochet a basic chain, incorporating the beads into the chain as you go. Once the chain is long enough, fasten off and attach the charm to the end. Fasten other end to the lobster clasp. You now have a charm that can be attached to a zipper, an ipod, or cell phone.
  8. Make a hair scrunchie by crocheting around an elastic hair band and adding crocheted loops around it or a crocheted edging. Add a crocheted flower or two.
  9. Crochet a motif and sew on to a purchased pillow.
  10. Make a coaster by crocheting in the round until the piece is large enough for a coaster. Make three more to complete the set.
  11. Make a 6″x6″ granny square with cotton yarn for a great washcloth, finish off with a sc edging. Use the same color for the entire square so you don’t have to worry about changing colors.
  12. Make five granny squares, sew the edges of four squares together to form the sides of a box, sew the fifth square to the bottom of the other four to the bottom of the box. If box is too “soft” to stand up, use a fabric stiffener to make it stand up.
  13. Take some time to browse through the patterns on Ravelry and you’ll find literally hundreds of projects that can be completed in no time at all, both for crochet and knitting.

Now, start thinking of more ways to add crocheted decorations to ready-made or purchased items!