Spring is Coming!

All I can say is, “Wow!!” The response to our first issue and the special Christmas issue has been tremendous and now I just hope and pray I can keep it up …. My thanks goes out to everyone who submitted kudos through the support form, registered an account, posted in the Ravelry forums, or sent me IMs there. I am extremely grateful that everything came together so well, despite the few issues that cropped up.

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I am so ready for Spring! While I was born in Chicago, we moved to North Alabama when I was four and then I spent 13.5 years in Houston, so other than ice storms every winter and snow once every 10 years or thereabouts, I am not used to having snow on the ground for so long. I’m tired of scraping ice off the outside and inside (yes, the car leaks so I get ice inside the windows) every day, as well as four inches of snow every few weeks. And then, it’s usually too cold for the snow to melt very much before the next storm rolls in. I’m ready for flowers and green things and lots of hot weather; that is, as long as it’s not hot, humid Houston weather! My Shih Tzu, Kaylee, is also ready for Spring to get here. The look she gives me when she finds that the snow is up to her chin or higher is priceless, almost as if she’s saying, “This is not gonna work Mom!” My cat, Truffles, has cabin fever and is constantly begging to go outside. While we’ve taken him out a few times on his halter, he takes one look at the snow and heads right back inside.

This issue contains patterns for the end of Winter when the weather can change at a moments notice and for the transition to Spring. You’ll find some scarf patterns, a warm hat, finger puppets, and a head kerchief. This issue also includes our first Crochet Q&A articles where we answer how to make turning chains and how to keep yarn from twisting as we work. If you’d like to have your own crochet questions answered in our next issue, see the Submitting a Crochet Question FAQ to find out how to submit your question.

Next month, we’ll have reviews of two books, Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet by Angela “ARNie” Grabowski and Savvy Single Crochet by Karen Whooley.¬† Designers are more than welcome to send books or patterns our way for review, as well as yarns and crochet notions. The FAQs (see left-hand menu) has the address where all items can be sent for review.

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Darlisa Riggs, Editor/Publisher

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